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When it comes to tax law Canada, knowing the ins and outs on Canadian income tax can make or break your tax season. Most taxpayer’s problems come from ignorance of tax laws, which is why it is highly recommended to look for professional help when it comes to legal requirements regarding tax money. A tax consultant can guide you in matters of legal information as well as instruct you on how to properly file your taxes, explain which you’re allowed to write off and which are not considered an actual eligible deduction.

Tax debt is a horrible situation to find yourself in, but there is no need to lose confidence in yourself. There are options available for those who are genuinely struggling, and we would like to help by giving you some more information about them. If you are looking for ways to grow your business and increase your brand awareness, Matterhorn Business Solutions might be the company for you. This company specializes in online marketing, SEO, website design, IT and technical support as well as process automation and data integration. Watch this video on Matterhorn TV that describes how Matterhorn Business Solutions could automate an accounting system.

If you are looking for a tax debt solution, it is possible to make a deal with Canada Revenue Agency; the authority formerly known as Revenue Canada. Before looking at the different options, there are two important points that you need to remember. First, applying for help won’t wipe out any charges against you. You will still continue to be charged interest and penalties, and this will keep happening until you have paid your debt in full. Second, if you are unable to reach an agreement with Canada Revenue Agency, they do have the power to with-hold certain tax credits until your debt has been paid. They also have the ability to take funds from your bank account and straight from your wages, which is not something to take lightly. Don’t forget that you are in a serious situation; there may be other options for you.

If you owe Canada Revenue Agency but don’t have the ability to pay the balance all at once, you may be able to arrange a payment plan with them. For this, you will need to contact your nearest Canada Revenue Agency office and explain your circumstance. It is completely up to the Canada Revenue Agency to decide if they will accept your offer, so you need to make sure that your proposal is solid and respectable. If it’s not, you may find that they decline it and decide to take further steps towards securing the money you owe them. As a general rule, they will not accept anything less than the money you owe them. The simple reason for this is that they will then have to make the same deal with others. However, there have been exceptions, so do a little research to find the best option for your situation. Cawston & Associates can also help with bankruptcy and insolvency proposals. Watch this to learn more:

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